Owen and Mazee


The book Owen and Mzee is a true story about a very unlikely friendship between a 130 year old giant tortoise and a baby hippo. After the baby hippo Owen looses his mother in the 2004 tsunami, he is taken to an animal sanctuary in Africa where he meets the ancient tortoise Mzee. At first Mzee does not want anything to do with the new addition to the sanctuary. Then he sees that having a friend who is different may be better then it seems. This book is a wonderful story of a friendship that continues to grow and develop under unlikely circumstances.

After the students read this book they will watch a video of Owen and Mzee to see their actually habitat and how the two friends have come to love one another like family.

The students then answer the writing prompt question: Have you ever had a friend who you were so close to they were like family? Their family members/friends will then answer the same question in their family message journal.

Website used for video and other fun games and resources:
Owen and Mzee